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Proclaim. is an amazing example of focusing on one item and trying to make it as perfect and sustainable as possible. With their line of basic, nude size-inclusive bras and underpants they manage to be socially responsible and environmentally friendly at the same time.
The various shades of nude garments range from S to 3X and are ethically made in Los Angeles. It is important to them, to pay their highly skilled workers fair hourly wages rather than per piece, which is often creating stress, tension and unsafe working conditions.
By producing in the same city as their headquarters are in, they also ensure short distances and can ensure their standards.
The underwear is mainly made with TENCEL™, which they call their Beyoncé fabric, because of its soft touch.
TENCEL™ is produced with immense resource efficiency and low ecological impact by reusing the water and more than 99% of the solvents used, leading to a closed-loop production process.
Another material they use is REPREVE® recycled polyester, which is manufactured in the USA. By working with recycled polyester, made from plastic bottles which are shredded, molten and spun into new threads, they try to address the plastic waste in landfills and oceans.
Since their products touch your skin, it's important to note, that the underwear is also BPA-free.

Made with 8% spandex, they also ensure, that the underwear hugs your body perfectly and doesn't lose shape after wearing and washing it.

‍Even during shipping, they are mindful of their resources. Using 100% recycled and recyclable materials they pay attention to even the smallest detail. That's why they decided to use label fasteners made from natural hemp fibres, instead of the common plastic fasteners.

The founder of Proclaim., Shobha, is really passionate about bringing diverse perspective into the fashion industry. That's why she recently decided on using some of her time to provide 1-1 mentorship for WOC trying to build their businesses.

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🌳 TENCEL™ (wood pulp from sustainably grown trees - closed loop process)

🧪 Elastane


📦 100% Recycled, and recyclable


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The inclusive nude underwear company Proclaim. from Los Angeles follows their goal of empowering and representing all women. Paying attention to even the smallest details, they produce impressively sustainable and ethical garments which are made to last.

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