Kings Of Indigo
For jeans that fit and make you feel good.
Kings Of Indigo
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Kings Of Indigo

Founded in 2011 by Tony Tonner

His experience? 13 years of working within the fashion industry.

They can guarantee a minimum wage in all facilities with safe working conditions.

95% of the collection is already made of sustainable materials. Why not all of it? They can't substitute the elastane which is needed to give the denim some stretch. 

Even though they are already doing great, they still dream big.

On their website, they try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to their achievements and goals for the future.

Kings of Indigo work hard to lead innovation - because good isn't enough.

In 2020 they released a newly developed biodegradable stretch denim.

Mastering the sustainability of denim, they use no PP spray to bleach their garments.

- What is PP spray and why is it a problem?

Potassium permanganate gives the denim a worn look by applying it to the textile, either with a spray gun or a brush. The European Chemicals Agency indicated this chemical as a serious health hazard, which is also hazardous to the environment. A lot of denim companies still work with this technique since it's quite cheap and a better alternative to sandblasting.

Have you already heard of #reusetheblues?

K.O.I. got creative in 2018 and started challenging their followers to re-use their deadstock to create awareness.

Certificates and Memberships

Products by

Kings Of Indigo

are produced in

🇹🇳 72,6% Made in Tunisia

🇧🇬 10,6% Made in Bulgaria

🇲🇰 9,4% Made in Macedonia

🇮🇹 2,9% Made in Italy

🇨🇳 2,9% Made in China

> 1% Romania, Netherlands, Spain,

Moldova, Greece, Turkey


Natural fibres

🌻 Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp

Man-made materials

♻️ Recycled Wool, Recycled Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Primaloft (recycled PET jacket filling)

🌳 TENCEL™ (wood pulp from sustainably grown trees - closed loop process)

🧪 Elastane


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