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Artfully, Ethically and sustainably made garments.
Two Days Off


Two Days Off

In 2016 Gina Stovall began sewing herself garments after not finding sustainable options that convinced her. After receiving her Masters from Columbia University, studying and working as a geologist and earth scientist and working on climate change issues over the past decade, she finally started her brand in Los Angeles in 2018.
They source the fabrics locally from deadstock textiles because she is convinced that production and consumption need to be revolutionized. That's why it was important for them, to let Two Days Off grow slowly and sustainably, not producing any waste.

Because the amount of fabric varies and is limited, they decided on producing the garments in limited editions or as pre-order items, which additionally avoid waste due to overproduction. When choosing to let them be made for you, you need to wait at least 4 weeks to receive the finished item. Cutting, sewing and finish a garment takes time. Especially when you have such attention to detail.

Their timeless, high-quality pieces are made with a strong focus on longevity. The garments are finished with binding, french seams and feature pockets whenever possible, so you can feel comfortable wearing them. To ensure that the clothes last a long time, they also provide you with a lot of information about the right care for the fabrics.

Speaking of fabrics - Two Days Off is only using biodegradable, natural fibres like linen, cotton, wool, and ethical produced silks to minimize the environmental impact at the end of the products lifetime.

Another important factor in designing garments is ease. For Gina, it is highly important that you feel comfortable wearing their pieces because that's what also makes you want to wear them over and over again.
You should feel at ease in these garments - that's also where the name comes from. Two Days Off is a play on the feeling you have on a free weekend but also tells the story, of how Gina used to spend her free time to work on building her business.

You can feel, that their concept is well put together and see their attention to detail when visiting the online shop.
Turning their off-cuts into beautiful bento bags to wrap presents, food or everyday items and shipping in reusable and 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging are just two more things that make them so amazing and sustainable.

To complement the beautiful garments, silk scarfs and bento bags, they also decided to feature Jewellery by Belle Isle Design Co, founded by Tess Weinberg.
The minimalistic brass-items are handmade and unique.
Fun Fact: Brass is one of the most recycled metals on our planet, with nearly 90% of brass worldwide being recycled, because it is energy efficient and more economical to recycle it than producing it from scratch out of zinc and copper.

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