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The founder of dariadéh, Madeleine Alizadeh, creates awareness for sustainability, climate change and the issues of garment workers since 2013. She tries to make it easier for the followers of her well-known blog dariadaria to make the right choice and buy sustainable fashion. Affordable and timeless, her designs incorporate her mindful spirit and the lessons she learned during her time researching the problems of the fashion industry.
That's why she built an amazing team around herself and started manufacturing the designs in small family-owned factories in Portugal and visits them regularly.
What's impressive is their attention to detail. They do not only talk about the fabric and the place the garment is made but also try to give some insight into the details like the elastic waistbands, the yarn used for sewing, the buttons and the metal sliders.
They are aware of not being perfect yet but try to evolve and make their products even more sustainable by time.
Dariadéh is vegan by heart - she not only lives a vegan lifestyle herself but also decided to use no animal fibres in her products.
With every purchase, they donate 50 cents to a charity. These organizations change every six months, to make sure that they can cover a lot of different issues, creating awareness and collecting funds.

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Products by


are produced in

🇵🇹 Made in Portugal


Natural fibres

🌻 Organic Cotton

Natural materials

🌰 Corozo Nut Buttons

Man-made materials

♻️ Recycled Cotton

🌳 TENCEL™ (wood pulp from sustainably grown trees - closed loop process)

🧪 Roica® V550 - Biodegradable Elastane, Organic Rubber


🔧 Nickel-Free


📦 Recycled Paper - Plastic-Free


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dariadéh is all about mindful fashion - after writing about her journey into sustainability since 2013, the activist and blogger Madeleine Alizadeh turned her knowledge of the fashion industry into a womenswear brand.


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